feathers-ruffled asked:

I wanted to ask a fellow NSFW artist this, because I was never sure about it. Is it normal if you dont get turn on by your own work? I mean, I always do by my friends or others I find good, but when I do my own, it does nothing for me. Now I never had anyone tell me they get off on my art, so Im not sure what they think. So if I dont get turned on by my own NSFW art, I dont think its any good.

jamesab-smut answered:

It’s completely normal to not be turned on by your own work, I don’t actually know a single NSFW artist that is, and I’ve asked quite a few lol

I know I certainly aint turned on by my own stuff







I can provide additional confirmation. I draw the porn i wish i could fap to. still cannot fap to it.

i don’t know what circle of hell this is, but it’s a damn ironic one.

I can positively say I’m turned on by my own art :U you guys make me feel narcisistic or something.

i’ve never understood how you guys can’t get off to your own art. step it up, plebs.

You’re doing it wrong?

Interesting Fact: I get turned on be very few artists artwork other than my own. It can be inconvenient. When I don’t wanna fap is often when I need to. When I want to fap, 95% of the art out there won’t do it for me.

I’m thinking too much about the proportions/line quality and the mistakes in my art. there is no room for sexy feels while I try to improve.

I just do it ‘cause it’s fun! :U If anything, it’s sexy comics that turn me. Primarily because of story.

I only get turned on by the stuff I draw that has no chance ever at ever being posted, so…